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A sound library built for social media content creators

Short and punchy videos get the most reactions on social media. Our music is designed:

  1. To be 90 seconds max in duration.

  2. Engage interest within 5 seconds.

  3. For action, travel and family type of videos.

Get more social reactions with sound effects

Sound is said to be 50-60% of a video. Our sound effects are designed to:

  1. Intensify the action in video.

  2. Make video transitions seamless.

  3. Boost emotional impact.


Please contact for help and support. Thank you.

Download Sound is made for individual social media content creators who upload personal videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. These sounds cannot be used by businesses for commercial use (eg. no advertising, tv, or film). Please make an enquiry about business use to

Please feel free to share or credit when you use our sounds in your videos. If you like what we do, you can also support Download Sound or become a sponsor. Thank you for helping us grow! 

Our music is specially made for short social media videos usually up to 60 seconds long. Each music track is carefully crafted to engage the viewer’s interest within 5 seconds.

Hi! My name is Shanil and I am the creator of Download Sound. I am also the creator of the Youtube Channel Best360. The aim of Download Sound is to create the best free sound library on the internet which social media content creators will love! Got a question or an enquiry? Please contact me on

iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod are fundamentally unable to download and store files from the web. This makes it challenging to save music directly to your phone or tablet without the aid of a computer. This can be frustrating for creators who want to download music and edit videos on a mobile system.

The best workaround is to first download the music and sound effects to your computer. And then send the sounds to your mobile device via cloud storage.